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We know math can seem really hard. It can also be fascinating, even fun.
We're here to bridge the gap.

Math fundamentals are the building blocks upon which the rest of a math education is built. We love working with younger New York City students to ensure they feel confident in math from the beginning and have the strong math basics they will need for their whole lives.

When math becomes a bit more abstract and formulas are brought into the mix, it's normal to feel lost. The right NYC math teacher can help you find your way back to being a math whiz in no time.

These are required math courses in most schools in New York. As formulas get more complex and math concepts build upon one another, it becomes extremely important not to miss a beat. A confusing textbook or a not-so-enthusiastic teacher can lead you astray, but we'll bring you back to the magic of math!

Whether you're a student who has always done well in math and is having trouble with an assignment or chapter, or you're interested in exploring high levels of math at the high school or college level, we've got an army of enthusiastic math brainiacs ready to help you crack that problem set and ace that test! You can hire a tutor for a single session or for a full semester -- it's completely up to you.

Test preparation requires review of material as well as learning strategies to solve problems and identify correct answer choices quickly. Our test prep tutors are experts in tactics, concepts and building a personalized program for each student -- all the ingredients needed to show the greatest improvement on standardized tests.

Only the most knowledgeable and caring tutors.
Our hiring process includes resume submission, reference checks, education verification, a background check, phone and in person interviews, and a teaching test.

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Client Testimonials

"We have enjoyed the SAT tutoring and our daughter’s performance has vastly improved with your help—you made her dig deeper. We appreciate your help, feedback, time, thought, and overall generosity. And you’re a nice guy— what a great combination!"

"My son Andrew is about to go off to University of Chicago, and we feel we owe it all to Ivy League Tutors. We were very happy with his Math score in the May SATs. It has been a pleasure working with you. I will definitely recommend Ivy Tutors and Andrew to friends."

"My daughter now feels confident in her math abilities and is actually enjoying participating in class and showing that she knows what’s going on. It’s been a great experience."

"I was admitted to Columbia's School of Engineering through early decision!!! I want to thank you for your support."

"My son did great in Geometry ending the semester with a 95 for the course.  He and George did really well together, as my son's main issue was not really knowing how to study/prepare for exams on his own in math, and personality-wise as well as skill-wise, George was a great match."

"We loved Raphael. His technique for my daughter was great.  His skill with timing and strategy definitely helped her. And he is also a very calm, supportive and kind person. Lilly increased her score for the April ACT test +8 points. This was what she needed to see and she finally got her math up to a level she can submit from her initial ACT. Thank you again for your help, opinions and follow-up."

"Sarah was fantastic. She was on time, would stay late when they were in the middle of a section, and really helped Katie with grammar and difficult math problems.  I would highly recommend her to anyone. "

"Lydia received a 100% on her math test and feels that Dan was a big reason for that."

"Before Ivy, I was working with another tutoring company in the city and was having a horrible experience with them. I really love that Ivy not only loves their clients, but also their tutors! Ivy was LEAPS and BOUNDS better than the other company I was with. I would highly recommend them to friends!"

Available Math Tutors in New York

Jenna is a PhD candidate in mathematics at NYU. She recently graduated from Yale University, where she double majored in mathematics and philosophy. As an undergraduate, she cofounded a student group that works to alleviate barriers to access in STEM fields at Yale...

Mark graduated Cum Laude from Duke University’s Engineering School, then graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Tulane Graduate School of Science and Engineering, where he earned two Masters in Engineering, plus an “ABD” (all but dissertation) towards a PhD in Robotics Engineering...

Deepa is a fourth year medical student at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., she graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a degree in Neuroscience....

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