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 IVY's tutors connect with students on a level that adults and parents are not always able to access. Our Ivy League and top tier university tutors are experts in their fields and are able to clearly present and convey complicated information. College bound students also profit from the experiences their tutors are able to share with them as mentors. We match students with tutors by weighing personality, skill level and many other factors, including hobbies and interests.

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Test Prep

We have a data-driven and highly personalized approach to test prep that won't break the bank. SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and SHSAT students start by taking diagnostic exams enabling tutors to pinpoint the student's weaker areas and teach the tricks and strategies needed to beat the test! Once the material has been mastered, students continue to take mock exams and are provided with detailed reporting so tutors can create a personalized and efficient program that gives students their maximum score increase.

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School Subjects

Our goal is to help each student find the joy in learning. We've all encountered difficult subject matter that left us wanting to give up. IVY's mission is to help students struggling with difficult subjects by connecting them to tutors who are so passionate about their fields that it's contagious. Whether it's a difficult to understand teacher, an unfortunate textbook or a learning difference, we can help you find your New York City tutor in math, biology, chemistry, Spanish, French and much more.

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  • ISEE
  • SSAT
  • Algebra
  • Calculus

Tutor Spotlight

A cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (B.A. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics) and Phillips Academy Andover, Esther is a theatre director working in new play development. She is a patient, enthusiastic tutor committed to tackling her student’s most challenging subjects and building their confidence levels. After seeing her own standardized test scores sky-rocket from great tutoring, Esther is especially passionate about tutoring SAT, ISEE, SSAT and SHSAT, and teaching effective test-taking strategies. In her free time, Esther can be found chugging iced coffee year-round, binging science podcasts, and dog-watching in Central Park.

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Do you have a question?

How do you choose your tutors?

Our tutors are beyond qualified and go through an interview process to ensure that they are (1) experts in their respective subjects, and (2) are able to present and convey complicated information in a clear fashion. For test prep tutors, our hiring process includes resume submission, reference checks, education verification, a background check, phone and in person interviews, and a teaching test. Most importantly, however, our tutors connect with children on a level that older adults and parents are not always able to access. Most of our tutors are are either actively enrolled Ivy League (or top tier) university students or graduates of these fine institutions. High School students who are college bound profit from the college experiences their tutors are able to share with them.

How do you match students with tutors?
Where does tutoring take place?

Most families prefer for tutors to come to their homes. We are happy to offer this service, provided that the roundtrip travel time for the tutor is not excessive. Some students find their home environment to be distracting, either due to a younger sibling or just familiar circumstances. In this case, other arrangements can always be made.

What can we expect from IVY Tutors Network?

Our tutors are young and fun, they are experienced, flexible and hand-picked to match your child’s needs. The program was started by Lisa Speransky in 2003. Lisa grew up in New York, attending the Bronx High School of Science and then Columbia University. Lisa saw the need for a local service that understands the unique needs of New York’s private and public school students. As we have grown, we have stayed committed to our core values: hand-picked tutor matches, personal attention via phone and email at times that are convenient for you, only the best tutors, and affordable rates.