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Are you looking for the most qualified tutors in Queens? Ivy Tutors Network will unlock your student's potential with in-person and remote tutoring, test prep, small group classes and bootcamps, college essay coaching, admissions advising, early childhood education, and more! We’ve worked with thousands of Queens students since 2003, providing best-in-class tutoring and other school support services right in your backyard. Our Queens tutors are experienced, inspiring, caring, and result-oriented. We offer Queens tutoring at local schools and office buildings, at home, or online.

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Ethan D.

Ethan is a Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science major at Yale University. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, he enjoys swimming, learning to solve different Rubik’s Cubes, and listening to Taylor Swift. In h...

Algebra 2

Dana K.

Dana is a professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature and film at Sarah Lawrence College. She has also taught at Haverford College and the University of Pennsylvania, where earned her PhD in Hispanic and Port...

AP Spanish Language & Culture
College Essay

Ian L.

Ian attends the Georgia Institute of Technology, studying Computer Science with concentrations in Intelligence and Modeling/Simulation and a minor in Linguistics. He is passionate about research, participating in a ...

Algebra 2
AP Calculus AB

Katie M.

Education and Admissions Consultant, Katie Miller, has been advocating for parents and children in public school education for the last 12 years, when her now 12th grader began kindergarten at P.S. 87 on the Upper W...

College Essay

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Our tutors are vetted mentors, as well as brilliant and caring educators. We guarantee a superior education experience and personalized attention to each student’s specific learning style and needs. If your tutor isn’t a perfect match, we’ll send another. It's on us.


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