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Clocking in at 3 hours with 114 Math and English questions to complete, the SHSAT is probably the longest exam an eighth grader has ever taken. And because 30,000 kids take the test every year, but only about 6,000 can be accepted to one of New York City's 9 specialized high schools, the test is difficult by design.

Starting with a diagnostic test, we develop a personalized plan for each student that includes test taking strategies, learning or refreshing subject matter, and a study plan for when the tutor is not with the student. For many young test-takers, the most difficult components of the exam are the reading comprehension and grammar questions of the English section and the time-crunch on the Math section, best tackled through strategy and practice problems drills.

From learning style, to skillset, to focus and attention, our tutors are often expert test-takers themselves, and will help your child fill in the knowledge gaps and build the confidence needed to overcome the testing anxiety that often is associated with the SHSAT. At IVY, we believe every child is unique and benefits from being matched with the right tutor who will connect with the student and help open new doors!

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Jacob L.

Jacob graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles as a Program Scholar—having the highest departmental academic achievement in his graduating class. A full-time tutor for over six years, he...

Algebra 2

Laura L.

Laura is a graduate of Williams College where she received a B.A. in English and Art History & Studio Practice. While an undergraduate, she was an art department teaching assistant and taught frequently at Hopkins F...

AP Art History
Elementary Math

Savannah F.

Savannah graduated from New York University with degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy and a minor in Mathematics. With a focus on math and test preparation, her tutoring style is personalized to the individual...

Algebra 2

Ly Tran is a Vietnamese immigrant who grew up in New York City. She attended the Bronx High School of Science where she was co-founder and co-captain of an award-winning Robotics team called the Fe Maidens (Fe as in...

Algebra 2
AP English Language & Composition

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Henry is thoroughly enjoying working with Jordan. Up until now, Henry has not gotten any one-on-one teaching of coding so he's thrilled to work this way with Jordan. Henry has said it's super interesting, fun and he loves it.
Kathryn H.


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