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Kristen T.

Kristen brings more than 25 years collective experience in business, college recruiting, high school counseling, and college advising. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, with a Concentration in Human Resour...

College Admissions Coaching

Aidan S.

Aidan graduated from Yale in May of 2022 with a B.A. in English, having received distinction in his major and multiple departmental awards. Born in New York but raised across Asia, Aidan has been tutoring from an ea...

Algebra 2
Elementary Math

Dennis O.

Dennis, who grew up in Baltimore, is a natural teacher: he has been tutoring since 8th grade. This experience pushed him intellectually and resulted in broad, diverse intellectual interests. Perhaps, as a result, De...

Algebra 2
AP Calculus AB

Jack S.

Jack is an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech pursuing a B.S. in physics with an astrophysics concentration and a mathematics minor. A native of Atlanta, he graduated from Woodward Academy in 2015, earning a Nati...


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Our tutors are vetted mentors, as well as brilliant and caring educators. We guarantee a superior education experience and personalized attention to each student’s specific learning style and needs. If your tutor isn’t a perfect match, we’ll send another. It's on us.


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