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The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is a test used for admission by private Middle and High Schools. There is an upper, middle and elementary level of the SSAT, depending on the student’s grade level. The test consists of three sections, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative  Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension, as well as an unscored essay that is sent to schools. Unlike the ISEE, the SSAT has a quarter-point deduction for wrong answers.

Great test preparation requires review of material as well as learning strategies to solve problems and identify correct answer choices quickly. Our test prep tutors are experts in building a personalized program for each student by finding the right strategies to help your child move from question to question with ease, and identify concepts relating to specific topics on the exam.

From high school entrance exams to finals and state tests and the SAT & ACT, students no doubt have many standardized tests in their future! It’s important to set them up for success with the right skillset to make multiple choice and time management on exam day less stressful. Our dedicated tutors will work with your child to overcome testing anxiety by building their understanding of subjects covered on the exam and confidence in their test taking capabilities. Whether your child is taking the SSAT or any other exam, our tutors will turn your child into an expert standardized test-taker!

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When should you start studying for the SSAT?

Since students typically take the SSAT the Fall of the year they are applying to a new school (e.g. an October test in 8th grade test for application to 9th grade), we recommend beginning the test prep process the year before (e.g. Spring of 7th grade for applications to 9th grade). It’s important to start with a diagnostic exam early in the process to assess how much studying is needed. For advanced students who score very well on diagnostic tests, we recommend working on strategy and practice at least 3 months before any official test date.

How long does it take to study for the SSAT?

How long you need to study for the SSAT depends entirely on the student’s starting point and how much work they’re willing to put into the process. Students should first take a diagnostic test to determine their baseline score and identify any knowledge gaps. Our tutors can then design a customized course of study and mock testing schedule. We recommend students begin studying at least 3 months before any official test date.

Should students take SSAT or ISEE?

Almost all independent day and boarding schools will accept either the ISEE or SSAT, but not all. Check each school’s individual testing requirements before deciding to take one or the other (or both). Students should take a practice ISEE and a practice SSAT exam to see which test they prefer. Only prepare and take one test (not both) and we recommend studying for the test you’re naturally better at!

How many times should you take the SSAT?

Unlike the ISEE, you can take the SSAT on as many test dates as you like. However, some schools may only accept one score. It is not recommended to take the SSAT more than two or three times. It’s common to take the SSAT test two times, as test takers are able to identify how they can improve after their first test and often see a score increase from the first to the second test date, if they are committed to a study plan.

Can you get extra time on the SSAT?

Yes! Eligible students can receive accommodations, including an increase in test timing, calculator use, a reader, and others. You must apply for accommodations with SSAT in advance.

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Henry is thoroughly enjoying working with Jordan. Up until now, Henry has not gotten any one-on-one teaching of coding so he's thrilled to work this way with Jordan. Henry has said it's super interesting, fun and he loves it.
Kathryn H.

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