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SSAT Tutoring in NYC

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is a test used for admission by private Middle and High Schools. There is an upper, middle and elementary level of the SSAT, depending on the student’s grade level. The test consists of three sections, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative  Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension, as well as an unscored essay that is sent to schools. Unlike the ISEE, the SSAT has a quarter-point deduction for wrong answers.

Great test preparation requires review of material as well as learning strategies to solve problems and identify correct answer choices quickly. Our test prep tutors are experts in building a personalized program for each student by finding the right strategies to help your child move from question to question with ease, and identify concepts relating to specific topics on the exam.

From high school entrance exams to finals and state tests and the SAT & ACT, students no doubt have many standardized tests in their future! It’s important to set them up for success with the right skillset to make multiple choice and time management on exam day less stressful. Our dedicated tutors will work with your child to overcome testing anxiety by building their understanding of subjects covered on the exam and confidence in their test taking capabilities. Whether your child is taking the SSAT or any other exam, our tutors will turn your child into an expert standardized test-taker!

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Raphael L.

Raphael is a filmmaker, writer and animator, starting an MFA program in Creative Writing at NYU in the Fall of 2020. Born in California, he grew up in Costa Rica and attended a French lycée, so is fully fluent in Sp...

Algebra 2

David R.

David Leo Rice is an author living in NYC. He is a graduate of Harvard University, where he created a major that combined medieval studies and modern literature, and of the New School, where he earned an MFA in Fict...

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College Essay

Eury G.

Eury German is an educator and multidisciplinary artist living in NYC. He graduated with honors from Wesleyan University, where he received his B.A in Biology and Dance in 2016 and furthered his dance education at N...

Algebra 2

Nick W.

After attending Saint Ann’s in Brooklyn, Nick graduated magna cum laude from Yale University in 2016, where he studied fine art, literature, and foreign languages. He served as a peer French tutor for the Yale Cent...

AP Art History

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Henry is thoroughly enjoying working with Jordan. Up until now, Henry has not gotten any one-on-one teaching of coding so he's thrilled to work this way with Jordan. Henry has said it's super interesting, fun and he loves it.
Kathryn H.


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