To SAT or To ACT? That is the question!

“Should I study for the SAT or the ACT?” is the first a question 10th and 11th graders (and their families) carefully consider before delving into the college application process. It’s also good to be in the know about what makes these two tests different and how they are similar even if your child is a couple of years away from having to grapple with this question. Some parents may be surprised to know that today, colleges and universities across the US do not prefer one test over the other; the ACT and SAT are considered equals.

Until 2016, the SAT and ACT were very different, but the SAT has gone back to the drawing board and presented us with a test that is much more similar to the ACT than it used to be. And this makes choosing even harder. We’ve picked apart each section of both tests below to give you the latest and most accurate information. Download the two-sided PDF below or explore the table on our website from any device or browser. If you have further questions on this topic,  call or email us anytime. We’ve been NYC’s trusted education experts for over 15 years and our advice is always free.



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