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In response to school closures due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Ivy Tutors Network is proud to offer an innovative virtual learning platform, available to English-speaking kids and parents worldwide! This is a selection of fantastic workshops by the same brilliant tutors you know and love. Our workshops aim to complement the "new normal" distance schooling by empowering students to hone valuable skills, work on exciting projects, and add to their resumes, all while social distancing. If Coronavirus is the sourest lemon, here is your lemonade. Classes start at $40.


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Online Workshops & Courses

Jordan Taylor

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Jordan T.

Directly after graduating Brown University in 2014, with degrees in Political Science and Economics, Jordan spent two action-packed years advising Fortune 500 CEOs on their most demanding problems. After consulting, he worked as a Technical Architect at the distributed computing startup, Improbable, the first “unicorn” startup (meaning +$1B in value) in the UK. He is a coach at Hack Reactor, an intensive coding program for two years.



This intensive workshop on iOS app development culminates in having students release their own app on Apple's app store! Obviously a huge resume builder for any high school student who is looking to show some unique interests and capabilities to colleges, a skillset in development is also increasingly important right now (especially given the rising economic uncertainty). This course is open to both students and parents and could be a fun activity to do together!

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Jenna K.

Jenna is a PhD candidate in mathematics at NYU. She recently graduated from Yale University, where she double majored in mathematics and philosophy. As an undergraduate, she cofounded a student group that works to alleviate barriers to access in STEM fields at Yale. Jenna assists students by presenting mathematical ideas in an approachable and intuitive way. She also builds student confidence for taking tests by teaching key strategies to help students perform at their very best.



LEVEL 1: This math course for middle schoolers will focus on problem solving and logical reasoning skills, with a conceptual introduction to advanced math topics. Students will be encouraged to work together to reason through puzzles, solve competition-style problems, and explore informal proof methods. Depending on group interest, we may also discuss real-world applications in computer science. Welcome to the dynamic, colorful, and inspiring world of math!


LEVEL 2: coming soon


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Raphael L.

Raphael attended a French lycée and is fully fluent in Spanish, French and English. He graduated with Honors from Wesleyan. He has taught in a wide variety of setting and to a wide variety of students, including inmates in prisons. Raphael has over 5 years of experience helping NYC kids get into their top choice high schools and colleges through rigorous and supportive SHSAT, SSAT, ISEE, CTP4, SAT and ACT prep. 



Start with a diagnostic exam and watch your SHSAT score increase as you learn the basic tricks and strategies to excel on this challenging high school admissions test. This small group workshop covers reading comprehension, English grammar review, and advanced middle school math concepts, as well as tricks for eliminating wrong answers, becoming a faster reader, and tips for getting faster at timed tests.


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Justin T.

Armed with a Masters in dramatic literature from the Sorbonne (Paris) and an MFA in playwriting from Yale, Justin has helped hundreds of students boost their scores as a test prep tutor (SAT/ACT, SAT/AP French) and boost their admissions prospects as a college application consultant. He has taught writing at Yale University, Wesleyan University, the Sorbonne, in high schools and privately throughout New York City with all ages. He is also a professional meditation teacher and loves sharing meditation hacks to cruise through stress on test day (ask him about being the meditation teacher for Facebook).



With so much up in the air, getting into college can be a whole new level of stressful. We got you. With the guidance of our expert college admissions coaches (who have a collective 97% admission rate with students' top choice colleges), go through the entire college application process with an intimate cohort of fellow applicants from now through the summer. Complete school selection, school "visits," and get help with your essays. Expand your ideas of what's possible for you and craft applications that sing. Get group feedback and support on your journey along with individualized one-on-one sessions with the coaches.



In these unprecedented times of change, stress and anxiety do not practice social distancing. They shelter-in-place right with us. Now more than ever, we need support to contact that which does not change and brings authentic peace. Learn to use your new constraints to start and support a life-changing personal meditation practice, have daily relief from stress and anxiety, and increase joy. Each class includes a 15-20 minute guided meditation and new well-being topics and tips, plus social space to share and support one another through the shutdown. Learn it and use it for life.



full description coming soon

Nick Wilson gray sweater

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Nick W.

After attending Saint Ann’s in Brooklyn, Nick graduated magna cum laude from Yale University in 2016, where he studied fine art, literature, and foreign languages. Since graduating, Nick has worked as a studio assistant for renowned artists and completed art residencies in London and Berlin. As a tutor, he helps a wide variety of learners of every level. He knows how to put himself in the place of his students and break down difficult concepts so that they are easily understandable. He especially enjoys helping students develop and structure their arguments for writing.



One of the challenges of writing an essay for English or History class is that you're doing two things at once – grappling with the material so that you can come up with an interesting analysis AND trying to organize these thoughts into a coherent piece of writing. It is very hard to do both, well, at once. The writing exercises in this workshop simplify content so that you can focus primarily on form and structure. This workshop is ideal for students who want to shore up their writing skills, and is also great practice for the essay section on the SAT or ACT.



This workshop introduces students to the art of close reading as it relates to a poem. Using shorter poems as examples, we'll walk students through the basic steps of literary analysis. They will learn how to identify the three levels of a poem -- the literal, figurative, and formal -- with the aim of seeing how each of these levels deepens, contradicts, or plays against the other. Students will come away with the ability to read a poem, understand what's happening, and say something interesting about it.

Teresa Fraguarda

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Teresa F.

Teresa is a born and bred New Yorker who is familiar with going to school in the city, having attended Stuyvesant. After graduating from Brown University, she worked in education for 14 years before embarking on her PhD in Developmental Psychology at Teachers College Columbia University. She has helped countless students find success in everything from learning how to read, passing a challenging course, or scoring their best on a standardized test.



Be a master of the English language. Grammar is a great tool for writing and understanding complex and challenging texts. Open the hood and learn about the parts that make a sentence work. Sentence diagramming is a great visual/logical way to learn, refresh, or reexamine grammar.


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Dennis O.

Dennis had trouble deciding on a major when he started at Cornell University; he ended up graduating with three majors (history, government and philosophy) and a 3.99 GPA. He later attended Yale Law School, where he focused on business and corporate law, and completed coursework at the Yale School of Management. Dennis prides himself on his patience, his understanding that everyone learns differently, and his ability to explain complex topics in a variety of simple, easy-to-understand ways.



Are you obsessed with data? Would you love to learn computer programming but don't know where to start. This course will teach you to build your own website that tracks COVID-19 infections. Once you learn how to collect and analyze data, and create the website to house this information, you will be armed with the tools to work on your own data passion project. Dennis will help you every step of the way, from ideation to gathering responses.

Alex Gow Prof Pic

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Alex G.

Alex has a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University. He minored in “Planets and Life” and has done field biology in Bermuda, Costa Rica, and South Africa. Alex has taught both in the classroom and as a tutor for years. His favorite part of teaching is the opportunity to learn about each individual and find which learning strategies work best for them.



During this time of isolation, students lose the external frameworks that keep that oriented and driven. Teachers, administrators, and peers play a critical role in encouraging personal growth through schedules, deadlines, social expectations, and regular feedback. Without these motivators, students may find themselves overburdened and inexperienced with the responsibility of setting and achieving meaningful goals. In this course, Alex will teach you how to evaluate your most pressing goals (both in and out of school), set schedules to achieve them, and reflect on your progress as you work towards success. This enlightening course will give you the skills for continual progress in any endeavor, academic, personal, or professional.