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Application essays now make up more than 50% of admissions criteria! Ready to Write an Outstanding College Essay Coached by a Yale MFA? Get the essay done.

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With our coaching, you will craft an essay that will make college admissions officers remember your name! At $798, this online workshop is extremely valuable when compared to one-on-one coaching.

What you will learn

Who are admissions officers and what are they looking for?
What makes a WOW college essay?
What are the pillars of strong narrative and authentic voice?
How to elevate story with scene, dialogue and sensory language, deepen impact with personal reflection and driving questions, and grab attention with active rather than passive voice.
Hone in on the wisdom and emotion in your story that make readers connect.
How to take your first draft to the next level.


Henry is thoroughly enjoying working with Jordan. Up until now, Henry has not gotten any one-on-one teaching of coding so he's thrilled to work this way with Jordan. Henry has said it's super interesting, fun and he loves it.
Kathryn H.

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