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ISEE Pre-Test Checklist

ISEE Pre-Test Checklist

Next step? Test Day.

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Pre-Test Checklist

You’ve worked so hard to prepare for the ISEE and now the test is just a few days away. Our advice? Keep the stress level low and don’t cram the week before. Below is our complete ISEE Checklist made by our ISEE tutors.

Print it out and go through each point as a family. Be proud of how much you’ve learned in the test prep process and take deep breaths. You’ve got this!


The Day Before

  • DO remember all the effort and progress you have made on this test prep journey - you’ve come a long way!
  • DO visualize calm, successful feelings about traveling to, arriving and taking the test.
  • DO eat nutritious, healthy meals.
  • DO print your emailed Verification Letter and double check your scheduled starting time and test location.
  • DO contact the ISEE Office at (919) 956-8524 if the Verification Letter is lost or you find incorrect info in it.
  • DO pack your bag and make sure you have: the Verification Letter, an approved form of ID, a bottle of water, a snack, tissues; and for the paper test: 4 sharp pencils with good erasers, and 2 blue or black pens.
  • DO set an alarm and plan your route to the test center. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready, have a big breakfast, and get to the test site 30 minutes early.
  • DO calculate when you’ll be done with the test (Primary 53-60 mins., Lower 140 mins., Middle/Upper 160 mins.) and make a plan to do something fun (or take a nap) to reward yourself afterwards!
  • DO go to sleep early, try to relax and get a good night’s rest.
  • DO call or email us with any questions. Don’t worry if it’s late. We’re here!
  • DO NOT study. Let yourself truly rest the day before the big test.


  • DO wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Dress in layers so you can adjust to the room’s temperature.
  • DO plan to arrive 30 mins early.
  • DO take deep, slow breaths to keep yourself from getting anxious, especially right before the test begins.
  • DO plan your time. Remember: you can skip questions and then return to them.
  • DO place all answers on the answer sheet and not in the test booklet or scrap paper.
  • DO mark your answers carefully. This is a machine-scored test, and you will not receive credit if you mark the wrong answer or two bubbles per question. If you change your answer, make sure to erase well.
  • DO use your test booklet or scrap paper to work through each question as much as you like.
  • DO guess. There is no penalty for wrong answers, so make sure you eliminate any obvious wrong answers and then fill in any blanks 5-10 minutes before time’s up in each section.
  • DO check your work, if there is time. You can’t leave before the allotted time is up anyway!
  • DO NOT bring papers, books, rulers, any kind of phone or electronic device, or calculator into the classroom.

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