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Algebra 2 Regents: Everything You Need to Know

Algebra 2 Regents: Everything You Need to Know

If you are currently a student of a public high school in New York, then you’ll have to pass a math Regents exam in order to graduate. So if you’re taking the Algebra 2 Regents test, this will be your go-to guide! IvyTutors has put together a comprehensive list of tips to help you succeed. Read on to get a grasp of what the topics the test covers, how it’s scored, its format, how to prepare, and more.

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If you are currently a student of a public high school in New York, then you’ll have to pass a math Regents exam in order to graduate. If you’re taking the Algebra 2 Regents test this year, this will be your go-to guide! Ivy Tutors has put together a comprehensive list of tips to help you succeed. Read on to get a grasp of what the topics the test covers, how it’s scored, its format, how to prepare, and more.

What is Algebra 2 Common Core Regents?

Algebra 2 Common Core Regents is an exam designed to test your knowledge and skills of key concepts covered in Algebra 2 courses. This exam builds upon the foundations that you’ve learned in Algebra 1, focusing on a range of topics that span trigonometry, algebraic functions, and probability. Taking the Algebra 2 Regents exam is important, as it tests whether you have met the standards to graduate high school, as determined by the New York State Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics.

When is the NYS Algebra 2 Regents in 2024?

The Algebra 2 Regents exam will take place:

  • at 1:15pm on Thursday, January 25, 2024
  • at 9:15am on Monday, June 24, 2024
  • at 12:30pm on Monday, August 19, 2024

Be sure to check the official NYS Education Department website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

How long is the Algebra 2 Regents?

The Algebra 2 Regents exam is a 3-hour, timed test, though many students do not take the entire time allotted to complete the exam.

What topics are in the Algebra 2 Regents?

The Algebra 2 Regents exam covers a comprehensive range of topics related to Algebra 2. Some of the key areas you can expect to see on the exam include:

  • Linear and Exponential Functions: This includes understanding and graphing linear and exponential functions and solving related equations.
  • Polynomials and Rational Functions: Topics in this category cover operations with polynomials, factoring, and solving rational equations.
  • Trigonometry and Circular Functions: You'll be tested on trigonometric functions, solving trigonometric equations, and understanding circular functions.
  • Statistics and Probability: This section includes concepts like data analysis, probability distributions, and statistical inference.
  • Matrices and Systems of Equations: Topics include matrix operations and solving systems of linear equations using matrices.

Check out this test guide from the NYSED for a detailed look into the categories and skills tested.

Algebra 2 Regents Exam Structure

The Algebra 2 Regents exam has 4 parts, consisting of 1 multiple-choice section, and 3 constructed-response sections. You can score a total of 86 points.

In Part I, there are 24 multiple-choice questions, and each question carries a value of 2 credits, resulting in a maximum achievable score of 48.

Part II encompasses 8 short-sized extended response questions, each of which is valued at 2 credits, with a potential highest score of 16.

Part III covers 4 medium-sized extended response questions, each assigned 4 credits for a total potential score of 16.

Finally, Part IV is worth 6 points total, and consists of 1 long extended response question.

Algebra 2 Regents Scores

How Algebra 2 Regents is scored?

A scaled score is your final examination score, after the raw score is converted to a standard scale for all Algebra 2 Regents exams.

The exam is scored on a scale of 0 to 100, with a total possible raw score of 86. The conversion is slightly different each year, but when you get your score back, you will be able to see the breakdowns and cutoffs.

What is a good Algebra 2 score?

Scoring over 85 (scaled score) is considered excellent, and it reflects a strong understanding of the material and the highest performance level.

How hard is Algebra 2 Regents exam?

The difficulty of the Algebra 2 Regents exam can vary from student to student, depending on how long you prepared and how much you feel you understand the subjects. It also depends on your goals–if you are after a very high score, you might need a more comprehensive study plan.

How to pass the Algebra 2 Regents?

In order to pass Algebra 2 Regents, you will typically need to earn a score of 65 or higher.

Algebra 2 Regents Exam Day Rules

What do you need to bring for the Algebra 2 Regents?

On the day of the exam, be sure to bring an approved calculator, #2 pencil, eraser, and blue or black pen. All work should be written in pen, except graphs or drawings, which should be written in pencil. Also, be sure to leave your phone and other electronics at home! You can’t have any communications devices with you in the examination room.

What calculators are allowed on Algebra 2 Regents?

Unfortunately, there is no list of the exact models of approved calculators. However, NYSED does state what features are not allowed. You cannot have a calculator that:

  • has a Computer Algebraic System (CAS)
  • can perform measurements
  • can communicate

For a full breakdown of the rules, you can check out the state guidelines here.

How to study for Algebra 2 Regents? Use these 4 tips!

Studying for the Algebra 2 Regents can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you prepare effectively:

  1. Start early and create a study schedule. Give yourself ample time to review the material and organize your study sessions to cover all the relevant topics. By starting early, you can quickly identify your weak spots and dedicate more time to reviewing those.
  2. Practice, practice, practice with various resources! Work through practice problems and use practice exams to check your progress. The NYSED provides links to past exams, sample questions, and test guides which you can take advantage of! Be sure to keep track of the types of problems you get wrong. If you notice you are always getting one type of question wrong–like, simplifying polynomials–you can focus more of your practice on those topics.
  3. Review the test’s reference sheet ahead of time. At the end of your exam, there will be a detachable reference sheet with formulas and equations that you will be using. When you do practice problems, make sure you know which equations will be provided, and which equations will not be–memorize the ones that won’t be on the sheet!
  4. Consider Ivy Tutors. At Ivy Tutors, we will provide you with expert guidance and personalized support from our Regents tutors who have been in your shoes! We will work with you to create a study guide, walk through questions, and provide you with resources to help combat test anxiety. Contact Ivy Tutors today for a free consultation–we want to help you succeed on the Regents Exams!

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