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College Admissions Counseling

Need help navigating the complexities of the college application process? Supported by John Morganelli, a former Director of Admissions at Cornell University, our method is a proven way to stand out — powerfully and authentically — in the sea of college applicants. Wherever you are in the admissions process, IVY is here to help! Our expert admissions coaches provide a la carte services, from choosing classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities to finding the right mentors to creating the perfect college list. Start with a personalized BluePrint plan or go for the full College Advising Concierge, an unlimited coaching package that covers every aspect of the application process from strategy to acceptance letters! IVY's coaches work directly with John to create personalized plans for each student, including unique perspectives and strategies. The sooner you start to think about college admissions, the better. That’s not because we want to stop kids from being kids or from enjoying high school, but because we know that students who think about “prospective majors” and prospective careers early are more motivated and engaged with their schoolwork and productive extracurricular activities. We often start working with students in the 9th and 10th grades, as this gives us the time to help students develop into college-ready scholars who, by default, will have a much more competitive college application!

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Our Proven Method

Prospective Major Selection
One of the cornerstones of our method is helping students develop a prospective major and identify a college type as early as 9th grade. This is not only a strategic exercise, aimed at giving students the highest chances of being accepted at a competitive university, but also a way to help students start to engage with their future and think about various career paths, something traditional high school curricula lack. Of course, students may change their minds about majors and career paths later on, but starting to think about this early allows students to further develop their interests and to start crafting a personal narrative.
Prospective Major Selection
In-School Engagement
Once student have a prospective major or majors in mind, it's important to think about what classes, clubs, and extra-curricular activities you'd like to participate in. To maximize the number of high level courses you can take within the subjects that are key to your prospective major, you have to start planning early. Similarly, we work on a plan to move into leadership positions and seek out academic challenges in various activities that align with the student's interests and overall narrative.
In-School Engagement
Out-of-School Engagement
Our coaches work with students to identify after-school activities, summer opportunities, internships, paid jobs, entrepreneurial projects, research projects, publication opportunities, competitions, and more. With careful planning starting as soon as possible, this is another area that can help set students apart from other applicants. Not all out-of-school engagement is the same and our coaches take a personalized approach to choosing the best path to help develop every student.
Out-of-School Engagement
Local, Project-Based Learning
By 10th or 11th grade, many of our students are ready to delve deeper into their interests and we help them find exciting areas for self-study. Most projects help students become engaged and informed about their community while gaining valuable skills, like academic research, business-planning, and investigative investigative journalism approach. Self-study and the development of locally-relevant research topics help students form more mature perspectives about the world, therefore becoming more college-ready.
Local, Project-Based Learning
Ethos & Mentorship
Our college admissions approach is ethos-driven, helping students understand their strengths and interests from the beginning of high school. With the proper coaching and support from valuable mentors, students develop and strong sense of self, an authentic narrative, and an impressive resume, along with the prerequisite good grades and test scores. These achievements evidently stand out on any college application.
Ethos & Mentorship

Get a Personalized Plan and Consultation for Just $1499

The best way to begin your college admissions journey is with our proprietary BluePrint plan. Former Cornell Director of Admissions, John Morganelli, creates this invaluable resource for all of our clients. After a short interview with students and a long intake form, you will receive a detailed plan that is over 30 pages long. We will also walk through the plan with you in a comprehensive consultation.

How To Work with Us


Academic Research + Publishing Support


Personalized Plan for Competitive College Admissions: The BluePrint


9th-10th Grade Consultation


11th-12th Grade Consultation


Our Testimonials

Private School Parent of Twins
I’m sharing the photo of our very happy Yale-bound seniors!! My girls could not be prouder, happier, or more grateful!! The girls are 2 of only 3 kids, not only accepted to Yale early, but accepted to any of Yale, Harvard, Princeton!! Typically there would be 10 from that cluster!
Public School Student
I still can’t believe I was admitted to Columbia's Fu Foundation School of Engineering through Early Decision!!! I want to thank you for your support. I couldn’t have done it without your wonderful coaches!
NYC Parent
I wanted to tell you that [my daughter] got into Michigan. She was also accepted at U Mass and UVM with merit money and Binghamton as well, but Michigan is huge – apparently very few students were accepted so far and she is the only one from Beacon. Thank you for your help - we are thrilled.

College Admissions Coaching Options

College Advising Concierge

Let us help you from start to finish. Priced depending on which grade the student is in, our College Advising Concierge packages include all of our services, from creating a strategic, personalize plan for getting into the college of your dreams to helping you execute the plan and submit those applications.

A La Carte Services

Choose from a menu of services from working with a mentor to creating a college list to crafting the best college essay possible, we offer 16 different service options that allow you to mix and match. Some families just work with us on a strategic plan and choose to execute the plan themselves. Whatever you choose, we're here to support you!

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