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Hamptons SHSAT Summer Intensive

Are you looking for a tried and true SHSAT prep course with the most trusted name in tutoring? Our Hamptons SHSAT Summer Intensive combines the best parts of personalized education with the advantages of a small group class. We match students of similar skill level to create small groups of 3-6 so that they get the individualized attention they need, but are also able to learn from each other. The SHSAT is a difficult and competitive entrance exam that 8th grader take to gain admission to NYC's specialized high schools. That is why we recommend that motivated 7th graders start studying early in our SHSAT pre-prep groups. Class participants start with a diagnostic exam, review math fundamentals and the rules of English grammar, become strong readers, and gain essential test taking strategies. Our curriculum is data-driven and includes full-length practice exams and homework to track students’ progress.

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This month-long summer intensive meets twice a week for 2 hours, for a total of 16 hours of instruction!

What We Cover

Reading comprehension strategies (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry)
The rules of English grammar
Math foundations: numbers & operations, fractions & percents
Advanced math: Ratios & proportions, factors/multiples/exponents/radicals, absolute value, scientific notation, word problems, and more
Tricks and strategies for doing well on timed tests


Henry is thoroughly enjoying working with Jordan. Up until now, Henry has not gotten any one-on-one teaching of coding so he's thrilled to work this way with Jordan. Henry has said it's super interesting, fun and he loves it.
Kathryn H.

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