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For two decades, Ivy Tutors Network has empowered students to succeed through personalized education and mentorship. Ivy Tutors Network was founded in 2003 by Lisa Speransky. Lisa grew up in New York City and attended the specialized public schools P.S. 87, Delta (MS 54), and Bronx Science. During high school, she became a sought-after tutor on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but when she started at Columbia University for college, she didn’t have time to tutor anymore. So she recruited all the smartest kids in her class, and voilà! Ivy Tutors Network was born! Since then, IVY has gone on to become NYC’s premier private tutoring company. IVY’s offerings include private tutoring, data-driven test prep, small group classes, and school partnership programs. IVY is a woman-owned, disability:IN business, a DOE-approved vendor, and is proud to work with several public schools in underserved districts to expand access to high quality educational services for all NYC children. Today, IVY matches hundreds of families, schools, and companies with rock-star tutors each semester. We’ve had countless success stories — from teaching kids to read to getting them into the college of their dreams — proving that personalized education can foster a love of learning that leads to confidence and goal-crushing in all its forms!

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