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  • Our students are accepted into the best schools year after year! Every year, we have students who achieve a perfect 1600 SAT or 36 ACT, while others break a 1400 or a 32. Many of our students go up by as many as 300 points on the SAT or 5 points on the ACT from prior tests.

Test Taking Strategies

  • Material and specific exam tricks taught in the most efficient way possible so students can learn the test, reach their highest potential score as quickly as possible and then move on with their lives!

Propietrary Materials

  • Our SAT and ACT manuals show quick and easy tricks for solving any type of problem you can encounter on test day. The Manuals feature problems and solutions broken into problem types to make studying more efficient.

Customized Expertise

  • Our service is tailored to each child's, or school's, specific needs. We've seen it all and we provide the sustained and focused attention necessary to put each student in the best position to succeed.
  • Expert, one-on-one instruction on all test sections
  • Lessons provided at a convenient time and location
  • A proprietary course manual for either the PSAT®/SAT® or the ACT® with test-taking strategies and techniques designed exclusively for IVY+TEST
  • Supplemental practice materials
  • Access to free full-length practice tests with results made available within 7 days.

Free practice tests

  • Mock testing available every week and included in the price of the tutoring sessions. Take a test for free every week if you like.. because practice makes perfect!
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