Shakir majored in Religion and minored in Philosophy and Pure Mathematics at the University of Vermont, where he graduated in 2015. During college he worked at the UVM Writing Center as a Writing Tutor for undergraduate students in all subjects. Before starting at NYU in their Religious Studies Master of Arts program in 2018, he worked for 3 years as an Academic Coach for students with autism, executive functioning challenges and other learning differences at Mansfield Hall -- a national residential program for diverse learners in college. Shakir has enjoyed tutoring with both sides of his brain: working with students around Math and Science, as well as Writing and Humanities. In addition to academic tutoring, he has taught bass guitar and piano to many students in Vermont and the U.K., contributing to his creative, kinesthetic teaching style. He enjoys working with all ages, having taught in the Burlington School District for 3 years as a Special Educator, Music Teacher, General Educator and Paraeducator for K-5. Shakir focuses on skill-building with students, and his experience as an academic coach helps him devise innovative strategies and techniques for students to use while working with him, and to continue using for their studies in the future.

Shakir has toured with multiple bands playing bass guitar and trombone around the U.S., U.K., Africa and South America. He also loves to give music lessons!


  • Learning Differences

    • Dyslexia,
    • Executive Functioning,
    • Test Anxiety,
    • Dysgraphia,
    • ADD/ADHD,
    • Processing Deficits,
    • Dyscalculia (math),
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders,
    • Intellectual Disabilities,
    • Other Learning Disabilities
  • Math

    • Algebra,
    • Algebra II,
    • Calculus,
    • Logic,
    • Pre Calculus
  • Science

    • Chemistry,
    • Physical Science (Elementary),
    • Physics
  • College Prep

    • College Essay
  • English

    • English Language,
    • Reading,
    • Writing
  • Music

    • Music Theory
  • Philosophy

    • Philosophy,
    • Religion
  • History

    • Social Studies
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