A native New Yorker from the Bronx, born to Puerto Rican parents, Robert is fluent in Spanish. After attending public school, he received a scholarship from Harvard College where he studied Epic Literature culminating in his dissertation on Joyce’s Ulysses. After Harvard, he returned to his passion as an artist and achieved a double major BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in painting and printmaking. He subsequently received an MFA from Hunter College in painting, printmaking, and installation art. His work has been shown by the Queens Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Puerto Rico. His proudest moment was being selected as the U.S. representative in the Macedonian Biennial I/You. Needing to expand his art historical knowledge further, he was accepted to the CUNY Graduate Center with a four-year Magnet President’s Fellowship, where he received an MA in Western Art History, and is currently ABD PH.D. in Western Art, Film Studies and Pre-Columbian Art. Throughout his career, he has been involved in educational outreaches meant to expand the parameters of traditional learning by incorporating artistic strategies. His goal is to demystify learning and unlock many of the obstacles experienced by unique, gifted and challenged students. He is a strong proponent of customized educational strategies according to the individual strengths and weaknesses of his students in order to unlock their hidden potential.

Robert's love of art began as a child collecting comic books. Comic imagery appears in many of his art works and he currently possesses one of the largest Batman action figure collections around.


  • Art

    • Art
  • Art History

    • Art History
  • AP Exams

    • Art History,
    • Photoshop,
    • Logic
  • Math

    • Elementary Math
  • English

    • English Literature,
    • Literature,
    • Reading,
    • Regents English,
    • Writing,
    • Essay writing
  • History

    • European History,
    • Global Studies,
    • Social Studies,
    • U.S. History & Government
  • Computer Science

    • Photoshop,
    • Logic
  • Philosophy

    • Philosophy
  • Language

    • Spanish
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