Lucy is a biologist, environmentalist and musician, whose teaching experience spans a variety of classrooms: from the ocean to the concert stage to the forest. Born and raised in New York, she attended high school on Long Island as well as The Juilliard Pre-College for cello studies. She graduated from Princeton University in 2016, where she majored in Ecology and Evolutionary biology. At Princeton, she was a member of the sailing team and studied in both Kenya and Costa Rica for biological research. Since graduating, Lucy worked at an environmental startup before venturing to Thailand to study King Cobras and Banded Kraits. In Thailand she taught local schools and villages about common snakes and snake safety. She spent the past few months in Costa Rica teaching sailing, helping out on a manta ray conservation project, and exploring the countryside. In her free time, Lucy enjoys practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, playing cello, sailing and hiking.

Jungle critters once stole all her socks.


  • Math

    • Algebra,
    • Algebra II,
    • Elementary Math,
    • Geometry,
    • Math Level 1,
    • Math Level 2,
    • Statistics,
    • Trigonometry
  • Science

    • Biology,
    • Earth Science,
    • Environmental Science
  • AP Exams

    • Spanish,
    • Statistics,
    • Music Theory,
    • Biology
  • SAT Subject Tests

    • Spanish,
    • Math Level 1,
    • Math Level 2,
    • Biology
  • Music

    • Music Theory
  • Language

    • Spanish
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