Karen is an actress and collaborative theatre artist from Northern California, living in NYC. She received her BA in Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University, where she also dove headfirst into American Indian Studies, Holistic Health, and Comparative World Literature, as well as feminist and anti-racist activism. Karen trained in Shakespearean, Contemporary, Physical, and Collaborative Theatre at the British American Drama Academy (Oxford), with Theatre du Soleil (Paris), and at Flying Actor Studio Conservatory (San Francisco). She also studied and performed Middle Eastern and Central Asian Dance with Life Dance Theater (San Francisco), and worked in collaboration with master theatre and dance artists from around the world. Karen has over ten years of experience working with children from infancy to age 15 as a caregiver and tutor, a creative movement and theatre teacher, dance teacher, and director of performances created in collaboration with her students! She deeply values and enjoys educating and nurturing children. She innately understands the importance of relationship, creativity, play, and empathy in a child's learning, personal development, health, and happiness. She finds working with children rewarding, as she learns and gains from kids just as they learn from her. When not teaching or developing and rehearsing new performance material, Karen enjoys reading about mythology, going on very long walks (4-5 hours, when possible), strong little cups of coffee in the morning, and trekking any distance to satisfy various culinary cravings (at this moment, Ethiopian food comes to mind).

Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse Code, is Karen's ancestor.


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