Kairn graduated from Harvard in 2017 with an S.B. in Mechanical Engineering. He tutored fellow Harvard students in math and physics and volunteered as a tutor helping underprivileged elementary and junior high students in Boston. Kairn was very involved with the Black Men's Forum and played club basketball. He grew up in rural Illinois, enjoying the company of his three younger siblings, whom he continues to help with coursework. Using a personalized approach, Kairn genuinely connects with each student to discover what drives them. He uses this information to tailor the way he teaches the subject material in an effort to inspire his students to be more interested in math and physics. Kairn is actively pursuing his dream of building a business. In his free time, he loves to podcast, play basketball, and keep learning new things.

Kairn spent his undergrad years working in a particle physics and cosmology lab on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope -- a billion dollar telescope under construction in Chile which promises to uncover the mysteries behind dark matter and dark energy.


  • Math

    • Algebra,
    • Algebra II,
    • Calculus,
    • Calculus AB,
    • Calculus BC,
    • Elementary Math,
    • Geometry,
    • Linear Algebra,
    • Math Level 1,
    • Math Level 2,
    • Pre Calculus,
    • Trigonometry
  • AP Exams

    • Calculus AB,
    • Calculus BC,
    • Physics
  • Entrance Exams

    • City & State Exams
  • Graduate Exams

    • GRE Prep
  • IB Curriculum

    • IB HL and SL math
  • SAT Subject Tests

    • Math Level 1,
    • Math Level 2,
    • Physics
  • Science

    • Physical Science (Elementary),
    • Physics,
    • Physics B,
    • Physics C,
    • Physics with Calculus
  • College Prep

    • SAT Math,
    • SAT Verbal Reasoning,
    • SAT Writing
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