Kai Lin graduated from University of Rochester with honors in Psychology, then earned a Master's of Science degree in Clinical Psychology at Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore. She is currently “ABD” (all but dissertation) at Loyola’s Clinical Psychology PsyD program. As a former U.S. expat living in Shanghai, she worked as a teaching assistant at a local Chinese elementary school, helping first graders with English. She utilizes skills in Mandarin and Shanghainese to teach English reading and writing skills. Kai Lin has been formally tutoring since her undergraduate years, working in the Partners in Reading program at Rochester public schools, fostering reading comprehension skills in second graders. Kai Lin recently taught middle school and high school Mandarin and Biology at the Brooklyn Learning Center, providing support to students who have both learning challenges and psychiatric difficulties (i.e. ADHD, Anxiety/Depression, Autism and cognitive issues), applying both academic and therapeutic interventions. As a clinical psychologist in training, she provided therapy services to college students at The New School Counseling Services last year. Her professional interests include challenges related to identity development, immigrant and bicultural issues (e.g. first-generation college student concerns), trauma, as well as interpersonal concerns, family conflict, depression, and adjustment concerns. Kai Lin believes that honesty, understanding and a strong rapport are key factors for change in both academic and mental health realms. Her goals for therapy and tutoring overlap: helping individuals foster greater self-compassion, and achieve deeper understanding of their challenges to effectively overcome struggles. On her own time Kai Lin has a passion for urban gardening, cat cuddling, a capella singing, and exploring culture through food.

Kai Lin learned to make balloon animals for charity and is pretty good at making balloon giraffes.


  • Learning Differences

    • Dyslexia,
    • Executive Functioning,
    • Test Anxiety,
    • ADD/ADHD,
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Math

    • Algebra
  • Science

    • Biology,
    • Psychology
  • AP Exams

    • Chinese Mandarin,
    • Biology,
    • Psychology
  • English

    • English Language,
    • ESL,
    • Essay writing
  • Graduate Exams

    • GRE Prep
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