In high school, David received 5's on seven AP exams and a 2340 on his SAT, with perfect 800’s on Math and Writing. David enjoys engaging both sides of his brain; not only did he attend the prestigious New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences, but he has also received several awards for his art, including the Congressional Art Award. As a National Merit Finalist and his class valedictorian, David went on to study Computer Science and Art at Yale University, specializing in graphic design. While there, he became interested in linguistics, specifically in cognitive semantics. After graduation, David worked at several agencies as a graphic designer, and eventually decided to pursue writing and producing music. David’s hobbies include personal coding projects, typeface design, drawing, piano, and listening to electronic music.

David can spin a basketball on his pinky.


  • College Prep

    • ACT,
    • College Essay,
    • SAT Math,
    • SAT Verbal Reasoning,
    • SAT Writing
  • Entrance Exams

    • ACT,
    • SAT Math,
    • SAT Verbal Reasoning,
    • SAT Writing
  • Math

    • Algebra,
    • Algebra II,
    • Elementary Math,
    • Geometry,
    • Math Level 1,
    • Math Level 2,
    • Pre Calculus
  • Computer Science

    • Illustrator,
    • InDesign,
    • Photoshop
  • SAT Subject Tests

    • Math Level 1,
    • Math Level 2
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