I’m now in my 4th year of tutoring full-time within a NYC public school -- making a total of eight years of happily tutoring middle- and high-school Math. My college degree is in Mechanical Engineering, so I understand how the Math ideas fit together, and how to de-mystify them. When I hear my students say, "Wow, that's actually so simple”, I know it’s working. When not teaching, I can be found at my keyboard with my headphones on, searching for the next great song idea!

Space travel: You throw a ball up in the air; I'll hit it with my ball in mid-air. That's how spaceships manage to hook up, thanks to the power of MATH!


  • Math

    • Algebra,
    • Algebra II,
    • Geometry,
    • Pre Calculus,
    • Trigonometry
  • Entrance Exams

    • City & State Exams
  • Science

    • Physics
  • AP Exams

    • Physics
  • SAT Subject Tests

    • Physics
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