A Columbia University John Jay Scholar, Arias graduated with a BA in 2013 and worked four years in a youth-centered arts nonprofit before venturing to graduate school to study psychology at Hunter College. Arias began tutoring at a young age, volunteering as a peer-mentor in the 7th grade to a 4th grade student. In college, she was the “editor in residence” on her floor, helping her peers with everything from 101-level papers to grad school applications (one friend who came to her for edits to her personal statement is now a PhD candidate at Stanford University). Arias began teaching the SAT, SHSAT, and SSAT in 2017, and has since had the pleasure of working with students from a wide range of backgrounds. As a tutor, she draws on both psychology research and her experience working in the arts; her visual approach to teaching is grounded in cognitive theory, and benefits all kinds of learners. Her teaching strategy is characterized by three aspects: connection, creation, and organization. By grounding new information within the student’s unique personal framework, breaking down mental blocks with creative exercises, and and developing clear and sensible systems of organization, Arias works to build students’ confidence in their own abilities, while helping them develop habits that will serve them well beyond graduation. When she’s not tutoring or conducting research, Arias can be found at the beach, or playing with the kittens she fosters for the ASPCA.

Arias studied ancient court music in Japan - her instrument is the ryuteki, or, “dragon flute.”


  • Art History

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    • SAT Math,
    • SAT Verbal Reasoning,
    • SAT Writing
  • Math

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    • Statistics
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    • Literature,
    • Reading,
    • Regents English,
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  • SAT Subject Tests

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  • Philosophy

    • Philosophy
  • Science

    • Psychology
  • Entrance Exams

    • SHSAT,
    • SSAT,
    • SAT Math,
    • SAT Verbal Reasoning,
    • SAT Writing
  • History

    • Social Studies
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