Born and raised in Lower Manhattan to two Egyptian immigrants, Adam went to the NYC Lab School for middle and high school, then went to Yale where he studied Art and Graphic Design. At Yale he was involved with cutting edge research in virtual and augmented reality and has since developed a passion for emerging technologies. Additionally, he was engaged in Model UN through high school into college and maintains an interest in politics and international relations. Adam is proficient in two foreign languages: Arabic, as a native speaker who also studied it at Yale, and Spanish, which he studied for seven years. His love of tutoring started with his peers in high school, and has continued, including with students with learning differences. He enjoys developing communicative and dedicated relationships with parents and students.

Adam was a teaching assistant for his high school math teacher's geometry class. He'd like to say hi and thank you to Ms. Weinstein for instilling in him a passion for math and problem solving.


  • Math

    • Algebra,
    • Algebra II,
    • Calculus,
    • Elementary Math,
    • Geometry,
    • Math Level 1,
    • Math Level 2,
    • Pre Calculus,
    • Statistics,
    • Trigonometry
  • Language

    • Spanish,
    • Arabic
  • AP Exams

    • Government and Politics,
    • Calculus AB,
    • Statistics,
    • Studio Art,
    • Illustrator,
    • InDesign,
    • Photoshop
  • Entrance Exams

    • City & State Exams,
    • SHSAT,
    • SAT Math
  • English

    • English Language,
    • Regents English
  • History

    • European History,
    • Government and Politics,
    • U.S. History & Government
  • Computer Science

    • Illustrator,
    • InDesign,
    • Photoshop
  • SAT Subject Tests

    • Math Level 1,
    • Math Level 2
  • Science

    • Physical Science (Elementary),
    • Physics
  • College Prep

    • SAT Math
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