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SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject tests are given 6 times per year by The College Board, which also administers the regular SAT exam. There are 20 subjects to choose from: 2 Math levels, Bio, Chem, Physics, US History, World History, Literature, plus 12 exams in Foreign Languages.

Previously called SAT II exams, these are 1-hour tests and you can take up to 3 of them on the same test date. We recommend taking 2-3 SAT Subject Tests throughout your 4 years of high school. These exams give you the chance to show colleges what subjects you are really good at, above and beyond the areas that the SAT I or the ACT cover. We recommend only submitting scores of 700 or above (out of a total 800) to colleges. Our tutors can help you get there in no time!


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