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Employee Benefits

We work with companies across the US to provide employer-subsidized childcare & education benefits to employees, partners, and shareholders at volume discounts.

Curious about education benefits for your company?

What makes us different?

For almost 20 years, we’ve helped students excel, stay organized and focused, vastly improve admissions prospects, have increased confidence, and learn valuable skills from an elite group of hand-picked mentors.

How do I make sure my child is engaged, challenged, or not falling behind while working full time?

Families need help keeping kids:

Engaged with schoolwork
Organized and turning in work
Preparing for standardized exams
Learning, so they do not start next year behind
Physically active
Emotionally supported
And generally, out of harm’s way!


Henry is thoroughly enjoying working with Jordan. Up until now, Henry has not gotten any one-on-one teaching of coding so he's thrilled to work this way with Jordan. Henry has said it's super interesting, fun and he loves it.
Kathryn H.

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