Q: When is the PSAT exam for 11th graders?

The PSAT will be given during school hours, at the student’s school, on either October 17th or October 20th. Students do not need to register for it.

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before the test and to eat a good meal so you are not hungry during the exam!

Q: Should I study for the PSAT?

Studying for the PSAT is never a bad idea. The major advantage is that students who study are more comfortable with the test and less intimidated by it on the day of the PSAT and, therefore, afterwards when preparing for the real thing as well. We advise never to go into any exam without having looked at it and having familiarized yourself with the type of material that may be present. It even helps to know the directions to each section so you don’t have to spend time reading them on test day. We recommend 1-5 hours of tutoring prior to the PSAT.

Additionally, scoring very high will qualify students for a National Merit Scholarship. The scholarship is only $2500 but it is very prestigious and often universities will offer additional merit scholarships to students who are National Merit Scholars. Students must score in the 99th percentile in their state. The National Merit qualifying score is usually between 210 and 220 (out of a possible 240!). Students who are aiming for this kind of score may want to spend more time prepping. These are the students who work with a tutor for 10+ hours over the summer and through September. The upside to studying hard for the PSAT is that SAT study is easy as pie after!

Q: When are October 2012 PSAT scores sent?

Scores will be received in December 2012. A student’s PSAT score is a great diagnostic that helps us prepare a tailored SAT program based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The PSAT score will also help us determine which test date is best for you.

Q: Should 10th graders study for the practice PSAT given in October?

We know that this isn’t very business-minded of us, but our answer is NO. Students who have a lot of test anxiety can take a look at the exam beforehand, but this test is essentially a practice practice SAT, so get a good night’s rest, eat before the test, and tell yourself not to worry about it!

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