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Ayesha W.

Ayesha graduated with honors from the University of Chicago with a double major in History and South Asian Languages and Civilizations. She's a test prep expert, having taught for 9 years in the USA, Spain, and India. In addition to tutoring, Ayesha is a writer, and is currently working on a novel and several short stories.

SHSAT Strategies

$540 per student
  • Start with a diagnostic exam and watch your SHSAT score increase as you learn the basic tricks and strategies to excel on this challenging high school admissions test. This small group workshop covers reading comprehension, English grammar review, and advanced middle school math concepts, as well as tricks for eliminating wrong answers, becoming a faster reader, and tips for getting faster at timed tests.
  • Learn the exam format and strategies for taking timed tests.
  • Learn to find the trick answers and avoid them.
  • Review reading comprehension strategies for fiction, non-fiction and poetry, including underlining, eliminating answers not found in text, and learning literary vocabulary.
  • Review and learn high level math, including: numbers & operations, fractions/percents/ratios/proportions, factors/multiples/exponents/radicals, absolute value, inequalities, area/perimeter/volume, geometry, plugins, algebraic equations, scientific notation, and word problems.
  • Review and learn grammar, including: pronoun clarity, modifiers, tenses, possessive nouns, subject-verb agreement, frequently confused words, logical reasoning, parenthetical expression, nonrestrictive clauses, subordination & coordination, and punctuation review.
  • Take a 3 diagnostic tests throughout the 6 week course to track your progress.



"[Your tutors] know their subjects inside and out and explain difficult/confusing material with great skill. They're also kind and patient and put students at ease. "

Private School Parent

"She got a 557 and into her first choice, BK Tech! THANK YOU so much for helping her get there. With that score, she could have gone to any of the schools, but she chose Brooklyn Tech."

Public School Parent

"You’ve inspired my daughter to want to achieve more in her life."

Private School Parent