How many times should I take the SAT?

I only took the test once. It was a May test. It was such a horrible experience for me getting up extremely early on a Saturday and sitting through the first long exam of my life that even though I didn’t get the top score that I wanted, I never wanted to take the test ever again!

As an adult I look back and I wish I had had support of the patient and talented tutors that I now employ! They would have made sure I was prepared for how long the test is. They would have made sure I didn’t burn out so fast. I should have taken the test earlier and taken my second and final test in May.

Now looking for on my 10 years of experience working with New York City students, I tell people to think about taking the test twice. Three times at most. It’s nice to know that the SAT is something we can redo if we have a bad day… because who doesn’t have those?

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