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Alex G.

Alex has a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University. He minored in “Planets and Life” and has done field biology in Bermuda, Costa Rica, and South Africa. Alex has taught both in the classroom and as a tutor for years. His favorite part of teaching is the opportunity to learn about each individual and find which learning strategies work best for them.

Goal Setting for Success

$350 per student
  • At times, we all find themselves overburdened and inexperienced with the responsibility of setting and achieving meaningful goals. In this course, Alex will teach you how to evaluate your most pressing goals (both in and out of school), set schedules to achieve them, and reflect on your progress as you work towards success. This enlightening course will give you the skills for continual progress in any endeavor, academic, personal, or professional. Students will also learn about the psychology behind achieving your goals and learn important executive functioning skills.
  • Learn the psychology behind what it takes to achieve success in anything you put your mind to.
  • Learn to evaluate all the components in your life and prioritize things that you want to change.
  • Create important goals and coinciding action plans.
  • Develop daily actions that help you reach your goals and feel accomplished.
  • Practice expert level executive functioning skills.



"[Your tutors] know their subjects inside and out and explain difficult/confusing material with great skill. They're also kind and patient and put students at ease. "

Private School Parent

"She got a 557 and into her first choice, BK Tech! THANK YOU so much for helping her get there. With that score, she could have gone to any of the schools, but she chose Brooklyn Tech."

Public School Parent

"You’ve inspired my daughter to want to achieve more in her life."

Private School Parent