Parental advice

We’ve got you covered: Here are your college entrance exam basics.

How do I choose between the SAT and the ACT? While the SAT and ACT are largely similar, here are some important differences that may affect which test you choose: The ACT includes a science section. If science and quantitative analysis (think: reading and analyzing graphs) are difficult for you, the SAT may be a better choice.…

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How many times should I take the SAT or ACT?

Many of our high school junior clients took the SAT on December 2 for the first time. They’ll get their results online sometime between December 15 and 21. Other clients just took their first ACT exam on December 9.  They’ll get their results sometime between December 19 and February 2. We hope they don’t have…

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Fighting over screen (scream) time?

Some practical tips to help parents win the war over screen time Kids don’t come with operating instructions. Every child is different. Every parent is different. But almost every family struggles with how much screen time kids should have. (Not to mention how much screen time parents should have.) Parents are apoplectic how kids are…

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