In light of the recent cheating scandal at Stuyvesant H.S., many schools are starting to discuss and perhaps re-evaluate the emphasis placed on testing in schools and the pressure many teenagers feel to get an A, at any cost. We at Ivy League Tutors Network understand those pressures all to well. As alumni of Stuyvesant H.S. and Bronx Science, Lisa and I empathize with the anxiety and uncertainty often involved with attending a specialized high school.

It is one of the reasons we have worked so hard to make sure that ILTN is the kind of company that acknowledges these pressures in our tutoring program while creating a nurturing environment that builds student confidence through hard work and sound study habits. Our unique emphasis on mentoring and our focus on time management within our company philosophy of tutoring are two factors that set us apart from our competitors.

We feel that learning to manage your own schedule, which as a teenager, might mean setting some time aside for that trigonometry homework AND soccer practice, while still finding time to do the things you love in your free time is essential to maintaining a healthy balance between work and play. We take homework seriously, but we also understand that there are other elements that contribute to a student’s well being, like spending time outside or going to the movies with friends. We strive to help our students reach their academic potential by helping them to take ownership of their work, while leaving them with time to participate and explore the interests and activities that make them unique individuals. We are committed to offering support to students in public and independent schools throughout NYC.

Read below for one student’s unfortunate story of the pressures that led to his expulsion from one of the best schools in NYC.

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