September: another school year begins, the leaves change colors, and we have some changes here at IVY as well! We are proud to unveil our new website with a new logo that is true to our core values. We partnered with our friends at imagenHB, a global branding agency that focuses on finding the identity of a business, a city, or anything else. Lucky – that’s how we feel about working with the masterminds at imagen, whose clients include the Argentine government (Imagen designed their new logo, which is even depicted on a coin) and the Museum of Human Rights in Canada.

Here is how imagenHB helped us understand that a logo can not only be attractive but can also have hidden meaning:
Now when you see our logo, we hope you will see the support network that makes the “I” feel less alone and more in control of his/her grades, test scores or just plain confidence in math class. Yes, let’s start this school year together with confidence, control, and maybe even a new outlook.
We think it’s rather fitting that this Autumn as the leaves go from green to red to yellow, and as we come upon our 10th anniversary, we’ve changed our colors too!