Nathan Saignes

Nathan is a third culture kid: he grew up in France, with an American mother, a French father and a German nanny. After completing his scientific baccalaureate with honors, he completed a highly selective, multidisciplinary humanities program widely regarded as the most difficult in France, studying French, English, German, modern and classical literature, Latin and ancient Greek, history, geography, and drama at Bachelor level. He then graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris with a Bachelor in Languages and Humanities, majoring in modern literature and drama. He has since worked as a translator and copywriter for beauty and lifestyle companies. He has tutored humanities, languages, and math since high school, and has also taught hearing-impaired students. His philosophy is to make learning more like solving a puzzle: prepare like a world champion, think outside the box, outsmart the game and you win! Nathan currently teaches a theater class in French for 3rd graders at the Lillian Weber School of the Arts. When not tutoring, Nathan likes to play with his pugs, learn a new song on the piano, or bake elaborate French pastries.

Areas of Expertise

English: Literature, Reading, Writing
Geography: Geography, Geopolitics
History: Global Studies, Social Studies, World History
Languages: French, German, Latin
Math: Algebra, Algebra II, Calculus, Elementary Math, Geometry, Pre Calculus, Trigonometry
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics

Nathan is an accomplished ballet dancer, who has performed in multiple contemporary pieces in Paris and New York.