Kevin Liu

Kevin Liu is a recent NYU graduate, with a major in Biology and minor in Religious Studies. During his time at NYU, Kevin participated in neurology research for two years at NYU Langone, studying premeditated aggression amongst mice. Kevin also has a diverse extracurricular background, ranging from social justice, spiritual life, and a capella. Kevin began tutoring in high school, focusing primarily on Biology. While in high school, Kevin took 8 AP classes, and graduated in the Cum Laude class of 2011. With this background, he continued to tutor in college, expanding towards other non-Biology subjects. Kevin really believes in the importance of relevant communication when it comes to education; the student properly internalizing the information is of absolute importance. Kevin is currently studying at Alliance Theological Seminary to earn a Masters of Divinity, to eventually become a church planter. Kevin’s dream is to pastor a church that is a home to people of all backgrounds, and is on the forefront of social justice. Some of his current hobbies include reading, morning runs, exploring downtown brunches, playing video games, and spending quality time with his girlfriend.

Areas of Expertise

AP Exams: Biology, English Literature
English: Literature, Reading, Regents English, Writing
History: Global Studies, Social Studies, World History
Languages: Spanish
Math: Algebra, Elementary Math, Geometry
NYC Exams: City & State Exams
SAT Subject Tests: Biology, Math Level 1, Math Level 2
Science: Biology, Physical Science (Elementary)

Kevin can pogo stick with no hands.