Arthur Nottenburg

Since graduating summa cum laude as a Phi Beta Kappa from NYU in 2014, Arthur chose to re-teach himself the fundamentals of learning. Even though he had always excelled in academics, majoring in Literature and minoring in Mathematics, and later created a successful brand launch in advertising, Arthur had chosen a divergent path: writing fiction. At first he was overwhelmed with frustration. So he got serious. Methodical. Nothing but deliberate and steady effort could make him learn what did not come naturally. This has given him great insight in how to teach students. He knows there are no gimmicky routes to success. Every accomplishment must be earned. He now devotes himself to inspiring students to push themselves to reach their highest potential.

Areas of Expertise

ACT and SAT Prep: SAT Math, SAT Verbal Reasoning, SAT Writing
AP Exams: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, U.S. History
College Admissions: College Essay
English: Literature, Reading, Writing
History: U.S. History
Languages: Latin, Spanish
Math: Algebra, Algebra II, Calculus, Elementary Math, Geometry, Pre Calculus, Trigonometry
Science: Astronomy, Physics

Arthur believes the cell phone age is close to over.