Richard Feynman, the Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist who pioneered quantum mechanics, was a brilliant teacher. He believed if you couldn’t explain a complex scientific concept in simple terms, then you didn’t really grasp it yourself.

In spite of rumors, Feynman never taught with Ivy Tutors Network; but he is still a role model. Our tutors are brainiacs, too. And great explainers. They can break down complex ideas in physics, chemistry and calculus. They are experts at French grammar and macroeconomics. They systematically reveal test strategies for the ACT and SAT, SAT 2s, APs and Regents, and the alphabet soup of GRE, SHSAT, SSAT, ISEE, SCAT and HSPT, too.

A number of our tutors are scientific researchers on their way to medical careers; others are Ph.D candidates in mathematics, or writers and editors, award-winning filmmakers and actors. They are Valedictorians, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, with 4.0 GPAs from the top universities in the nation. But just as important as their academic accomplishments, they are great teachers.

Some are full-time teachers, ranging from elementary school special education to college professors. Others are experienced tutors, even before coming to Ivy, balancing various careers and graduate schools. Devoted to their students’ achievements. Savvy in reaching different kinds of learners. Patient. Inspiring.

“The real problem in speech is not precise language. The problem is clear language. The desire is to have the idea clearly communicated to the other person.” –Richard Feynman

Summer is the perfect time to study for exams like the ISEE, SHSAT, ACT and SAT when other school work doesn’t get in the way. Especially for students heading into their junior and senior years when high school demands and college applications heat up to photon speed.

Call us for all your tutoring needs this summer.  Face-to-face or Skype.  We’ll make it clear.

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P.S. Here’s a TED video of Richard Feynman’s vintage BBC talk,  “Physics is Fun To Imagine.”

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