Pencils sharpened?  We are grateful for all our SHSAT clients this semester. We wish your students great success.

The DOE just sent this: You can now get your tickets for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) and LaGuardia High School Auditions, if you registered by the October 12 deadline. Get your tickets from your school counselor or at a Family Welcome Center.

Once you get your ticket, take these three steps to prepare for your test or audition day: 1. Map your commute to the testing site. 2. Write your school choices on your SHSAT ticket and bring it with you on test day to copy on to your answer sheet. Check page 1 of your audition ticket for the list of studios you’re auditioning for. 3. Get lots of sleep the night before your test/audition and eat breakfast that morning. Pack a snack or lunch and water to bring to your testing site or to your audition. Questions? Visit Specialized High Schools Admissions, speak with your school counselor, or call 718-935-2399.

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