Caveat Emptor

Beware the snake oil salesman, for he lurks where we are most vulnerable, and preys on our insecurities and greed.

Beware the tutoring service that promises a sure-fire way to get 800s on your SAT.

Don’t trust a tutor who promises to raise your ACT score by 30% or 40%.

Don’t believe anyone who guarantees great scores in a defined number of sessions.

Or makes you buy a set amount of lessons up front.

Every year, we have students who achieve a perfect 2400 SAT or 36 ACT, while others break a 2300 or a 32. Many of our students see their scores go up by as many as 300 points on the SAT or 5 points on the ACT from prior tests. But what’s important to understand is that every student is an individual, with her own academic strengths and weaknesses; his own work ethic. How smart and experienced, and how good a communicator the tutor is, is crucial to a student’s success. But that success is equally dependent on how hard the student works, both during the sessions AND on the test prep homework the tutor assigns. At IVY Tutors Network, we also emphasize the importance of diagnostic and practice tests. That’s why we offer our clients unlimited number of free tests at our midtown test center. And we expect them to take advantage of this service.

Ivy Tutors is beginning our 15th year of one-on-one test prep and curriculum tutoring. We recognize that parents in New York City have choices. Without resorting to hyperbole, we can tell you that year after year Ivy Tutors is grateful for returning families—the same students and siblings– as well as our clients’ referrals to new families. We’re proud of how our reputation sustains our business.

We have helped thousands of students raise their scores and improve their grades. Yes, thousands. We would be happy to share our glowing results with you, and provide testimonials and references.

We know our mutual success depends on our hands-on individual customer care and attentive, diligent tutors helping your hard-working students achieve their full potential.

Please contact us at or (800) 476-0596

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