Nothing beats one-on-one, face-to-face, in-your-home tutoring.  Ivy Tutors has built its reputation on this over the past 14 years. Experience has shown us it’s the most effective mode of tutoring, for sustaining a dynamic rapport between student and tutor.

But we also use Skype and FaceTime just as successfully.  Either exclusively or in conjunction with face-to-face tutoring.

Currently, our tutors work exclusively on Skype with our far-flung clients, ranging from Eastern Long Island to England, from California to Switzerland. The sessions cover subjects as diverse as ACT prep, college essay writing, AP physics, AP Calculus, AP chemistry and AP French.

Skype or FaceTime are also useful with regular face-to-face clients. You can schedule an extra last-minute session, whether you currently work face-to-face or are suddenly 5000 miles away. Say you work with your tutor on Tuesdays, but Thursday after school you do not get that day’s biology class and there’s a big test the next day. Book an extra last-minute FaceTime session. Or you are visiting grandma during your normal Saturday SAT 2 tutoring slot, but can’t miss any prep time. Skyping works.

This summer, do you need to prepare for your SAT, ACT, SAT 2 or SHSAT tests for the late summer or fall tests? But you’re going to be away on vacation or working out of town. You can schedule regular one-on-one test prep sessions via Skype.

Always great customized tutoring and our always available customer care.  No cookie cutter. No one-size-fits-all. 

Call Ivy Tutors and we’ll explain how we make it work.  800-476-0596


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