Abstract Math Concepts Start in 6th Grade

We love getting calls from the parents of 6th and 7th graders (and not because we charge less when tutors work with younger students on more simple concepts)! It’s because we know that many of the important concepts learned in middle school will take the student through high school. And if these concepts are not well mastered at this early stage, later material will seem impossible. Let’s talk today about math.

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SHSAT Tips from the Experts #3

SHSAT has verbal questions unlike most other tests. If you are feeling stumped in the Scrambled Paragraphs section, remember to group sentences by similar topics to identify the links that connect the sentences together.

SHSAT Tips from the Experts #2

Test day is only a few days away. This week you should make a master formula sheet of all the math formulas you have used while studying.

It’s also a good time to review old tests and find those questions that that stumped you.

Is the SHSAT fair?

The NAACP has filed a complaint against the SHSAT, claiming the exam is discriminatory. On the one hand, the SHSAT is the single most “fair” measure I have every heard of… How can a test be discriminatory if everyone is taking the exact same test? The test doesn’t know the color of your skin or how much your parents make. And other times I think, But what if a student is not feeling well on test day? What about those with test anxiety?

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Which SAT test date should I choose?

Well let’s say that you are doing a total of about 24 hours of tutoring. You’re working with a tutor 3 hours per week so you will need 8 weeks of prep. But there are holidays and people get sick, so let’s plan for 2.5 to 3 months of prep to be safe. If you start now, you’ll be ready for the January test date.

What’s in a logo?

September: another school year begins, the leaves change colors, and we have some changes here at IVY as well! We are proud to unveil our new website with a new logo that is true to our core values. We partnered with our friends at imagenHB, a global branding agency that focuses on finding the identity of a business, a city, or anything else. Lucky – that’s how we feel about working with the masterminds at imagen, whose clients include the Argentine government (Imagen designed their new logo, which is even depicted on a coin) and the Museum of Human Rights in Canada.

Here is how imagenHB helped us understand that a logo can not only be attractive but can also have hidden meaning: