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From our founder

Fifteen years ago, I started a company that really changed the landscape of tutoring and test preparation in New York City. I was 20 years old at the time and a student at Columbia University (after having graduated from Bronx Science). My vision was to build a network of Ivy League students and graduates who would act as tutors and mentors for school-aged kids through the 12th grade. I am proud to say that this vision is now a reality!


IVY is New York’s leader in subject help and test preparation, known for the best hiresknowledgeable service and reasonable pricing. We work with New York students to help them achieve their scholastic potentialretain knowledge, increase confidence, and receive higher scores on exams. Whatever the student’s needs, we’ve been there, and we can share our expertise with you. In fact, thousands of families have counted on us over the years to provide professional and energetic tutors who are able to connect to students on a level parents and teachers cannot always reach.


Education is not one-size-fits-all. We offer a highly personalized service and that’s one of the reasons it works so well. My promise to our clients is that we will find the right match for your child – your child will excel in school, have a deeper understanding of the coursework, have increased confidence overall and will learn valuable skills from an elite group of hand-picked tutors, skills that will carry him/her through high school, college and beyond.


Here is why we are New York’s most trusted name in tutoring:


  • Our tutors are experts in their subjects; they are undergraduate and graduate school students or recent graduates from the country’s top universities.
  • We personally interview and coach each of our 50+ tutors!
  • Our students consistently demonstrate the off-the-charts results in statewide and countrywide exams like SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, TACHS and more.
  • We get most of our clients through referrals. Families tell other families to call us because we have “the best tutors who just simply get results.”
  • We are experts in the NYC school system (public & private) and we know what it takes to get into the best colleges.
  • Our test prep program is the most efficient one out there. It is personalized to fit your child’s needs and includes free weekly proctored testing.
  • We offer very competitive rates.

Lisa Speransky


Lisa grew up in New York City, attending specialized public schools Delta (M.S.54) and Bronx Science, and then went on to get her BA at Columbia University. Lisa saw a need in the NYC market for a tutoring service that works. So began Ivy Tutors Network in 2003. For almost 16 years, IVY has been the leader in subject help and test prep, known for the best hires, knowledgeable and caring service, as well as reasonable pricing.


Richard Kaplan


Richard helps parents find the perfect tutors for their children. Education has always been his top priority. After Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, he taught 3rd graders in East Harlem, then 7th grade Vietnamese students in an anti-gang program in Brooklyn. Both his sons were blessed with wonderful teachers at PS 87, MS 54 Delta and Beacon. He served 11 years on the PS87 Parents Association board and founded a school garden where he taught. He now conducts alumni interviews for Brown. An award-winning filmmaker for more than 30 years, Richard also creates videos for students applying to college.

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