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Ivy Tutors offer math whizzes for all levels. From elementary and middle school math teachers working day-in and day out in special ed, to PhDs who eat AP Calculus for breakfast with a side of Statistics.

Ivy Tutors is as much customer service as it is brilliant tutors. In part, it’s understanding the educational process and knowing the strengths and stresses of educating children in New York City.

Step one: We listen. We need to understand what your student needs; how she best works with a tutor; how he learns (any learning issues?).

Step two: we match our tutors with your student. By expertise. Experience. Personality. By common interests. Even by gender, if you prefer.

Here’s a typical initial conversation with a parent: “My student gets really good grades … except for math… And I’ve never been good at math.”

Could it be math anxiety? “Does being ‘bad at math,’ whatever that is, make you anxious, or does being anxious make you bad at math?” Alana Foley, a developmental psychologist, believes, “Poor performance in math can lead to math anxiety, but there are also studies that point in the other direction; if you have math anxiety it disrupts your concentration.” (The New York Times May 2, 2017)

Chicken or egg, what’s the root cause? Sian Beilock, a psychology professor, boils it down to this, “The moral of the story is that parents likely play an important role, either for the positive or the negative.” (The New York Times August 24, 2015)

As if we don’t feel guilty enough as parents, it’s we who may instill this anxiety when all we’re trying to do is help our kids with homework?!? And it starts early, with alarmed facial expressions and insecure comments. Problems often manifest in middle school and only get worse if not addressed properly.

Jan Hoffman, in The Times, wrote, “So much for good intentions. The more the math-anxious parents tried to work with their children, the worse their children did in math, slipping more than a third of a grade level behind their peers. And the children’s weaker math achievements increased their nascent math anxiety.”

Sian Beilock, author of Choke, about anxiety and performance, warns that comforting a homework-distressed child by saying, “I’m not a math person either, and that’s O.K.,” conveys a damaging message.

So how should you handle the situation? Call Ivy Tutors: 800-476-0596

Our tutors know better than to feed your children the self-fulfilling misconception that you either get math or you don’t. Instead, they teach the skills, concepts and methods of study and practice that achieve good results, build confidence and break the cycle of math anxiety.


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